Promoting Washington Wines


When I started the Review of Washington Wines in December of 2008, it was with the mission of promoting Washington Wines. My stated purpose is "keeping subscribers informed about the latest releases and developments in the rapidly growing Washington wine industry." In sum, my goal is to help wineries and consumers alike through my wine reviews which are designed to evaluate and inform on as consistent and rational a basis as possible (hence the 20 point rather than the 100 point system).


Since its inception, the Review's subscriber base has grown steadily. Now there are nearly 250 subscribers. Not surprisingly, most are in Washington state. But many are out of state - Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, California and others. Most subscribers are consumers, but many are in the wine industry.


In reviewing their wines, I try to help the wineries by directing consumers to their products. This is why my reviews include links to the wineries' websites. Once, while I was visiting his tasting room, a winemaker told me he had just gotten an order from someone in Hawaii who had read about his wines in my Review. Wineries also have made use of my reviews. My reviews can be found in the websites of the following wineries: Couvillion, DeLille Cellars, Davenport Cellars, SYZYGY, Amavi, Gifford Hirlinger, TL Cellars. El Corazon, Kontos Cellars.


Above all, the Review of Washington Wines is a consumer publication. That is why I write detailed descriptions of each wine, so that the reader can see if a particular wine's style and flavor profile fits that person's tastes. The Review is not intended to be a "by the numbers" periodical.


I Would Like Your Input


I am always looking for ways to make the Review of Washington Wines more useful to subscribers - consumer and industry alike. I launched this Blog last summer so that I could broaden the Review's scope. And I am still looking for more improvements to my publication.


So, let me know what you think: what you'd like to see, what I could do better. And your input on wines and wineries I should be looking at will be appreciated. There are hundreds of Washington wineries, and I've just begun to cover them. Feel free to comment on anything I've written, or haven't written, or to ask questions. I will answer any inquiries or comments. After all, my goal is to help promote Washington wines in any way possible.


I can be reached through the Contact link on the Review website Home Page, or by direct email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Finally, to all my subscribers, thank you!


Rand Sealey