In the December issue of the Review of Washington Wines there are thirty two 2014 red wines, of which sixteen scored 19/20 points and seven, 19.5/20 points. This is a clear indication that the 2014 vintage is turning out to be a great one for red wines. 

In Gramercy Cellars' Fall newsletter, Greg Harrington and Brandon Moss wrote: "We are ecstatic with the 2014 vintage. The wines are fresh, structured, and more complex than ever. The wines have a balance of fruit and earth that displays true elegance....We hope you enjoy the 2014 vintage as much as we enjoyed making them." (See the December issue for reviews of the Gramercy 2014 "The Deuce" Syrah and "Third Man" Red.)

I agree with Greg and Brandon that the 2014 vintage is one to be ecstatic about. In my Review Blog posting of 26 August, I wrote: "For the 2014 reds, the harvest was another early, warm one, with much of the picking completed by the end of September. The 2014's seem to be a bit more structured than the 2013's (also from a warm year), with more phenolics which result in more complex aromatics (perfumes, tobacco, incense, etc.). My recent tastings and notes on the 2014's bear this out. There will be more to come. The January 2017 issue will have at least 15 more 2014's, all outstanding. More later!

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow. Be sure to have plenty of Washington wines (or other American ones) to celebrate our country's bounty.