As 2019 comes to a close, here's what's coming up in the wine world and in the Review of Washington Wines in 2020.


More Wineries and Vineyards 

In 2019, the number of registered wineries in Washington State passed the 1000 mark. The number may well surpass 1200 next year. More vineyard acreage will be planted. Thomas- Hennick-King, Director of Enology and Viticulture at Washington State University has stated that there is plenty of available land suitable for planting wine grape vines in the state. Also look to more in state and out of state investment in land and wineries. Some of these transactions will be facilitated by investment counselors such as METIS of Portland and Walla Walla. There will be major players in these developments.

More New American Viticultural Areas

The last two AVAs in Washington State and contiguous states were approved in 2015 - The Lewis-Clark Valley (Idaho-Washington) and The Rocks of Milton-Freewater (a sub-AVA of the Walla Walla Valley). It is high time new sub AVAs of the Columbia Valley were approved. There are proposed AVAs that meet the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements for these areas, including the Royal Slope and the Burn of the Columbia River. 

Coming Up in Future Review of Washington Wines Issues

We are in the process of evaluating wines for upcoming issues of the Review of Washington. In the February issue, on line January 24, there will be more Winter releases from the Walla Walla Valley, and other wines from around the state, plus an expanded Best Buys section, including Oregon wines. March will have wines from around the state and in April there will be a report on Woodinville wineries. In the Spring, we will make a loop through Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, the Lewis-Clark Valley and Boise. Upcoming Review Blogs will include tastings of French, Italian and Spanish wines and wine industry news.

Happy New Year!