I skipped last week's Review Blog because there wasn't much new to report. The routine has been pretty much the same. With all the wine tasting rooms closed, I have been receiving wine deliveries and evaluating the wines for the May issue of the Review of Washington Wines. 

In the next issue of the Review of Washington Wines which goes on line April 24, there will be reports on Walla Walla Valley Spring Releases, including àMaurice Cellars, Tranche Estate, The Walls, Walla Walla Vintners, Gramercy Cellars and others. There also will be reviews of the outstanding 2017 Reds from Clearwater Canyon Cellars in Lewiston. Among the Highly Recommended wines are Tero Estate's 2016 single Block Cabernets, the 2014 21 Grams Red and Woodward Canyon's 2017 Reds. Also in this issue are some more 2019 Rosés. 

Along with the May issue, there will be next week's blog with tasting notes on other wines from around the world. With all the Washington wines we have been drinking at home, there has been little time to try other wines. But now that the May issue of the Review of Washington Wines has been wrapped up and sent to our website manager, we have been able to have wines from France, Italy, Spain, California and Oregon. Also in next week's blog will be a report own a virtual tasting of Tero Estates wines with Doug Roskelley.

Until then, stay healthy and happy.