This year, Fall Release Weekend will be November 5 - 7. In the past, before COVID 19, Fall Releases were big events with crowded tasting rooms. Not so much anymore. Appointments are required or recommended at many places. For those of you who are making the trek over here, here's a preview of wines in the December issue which will be poured next weekend. There will be a lot of outstanding wines: 12 scoring 19 or 19+/20 points, 8 scoring 19.5/20 points and 3 scoring 20/20 points. So there's a lot to look for this weekend.

Sleight of Hand Cellars has a lovely 2019 "Enchantress" Chardonnay from the French Creek Vineyard (19+/20 points), a charming 2019 "Sorceress" Reserve Grenache (19+/20 points) and a thick and true to variety 2019 "Levitation" Syrah from the Les Collines (67%) and Lewis (33%) vineyards (19+/20 points).

Saviah Cellars has a tasty young 2019 Grenache from the Dugger Creek Vineyard (19/20 points).

àMaurice Cellars has released a quartet of outstanding 2018 reds: the "ReRe" Artist Red Blend (19+/20 points), the "Amparo" Estate Malbec (19+/20 points). the "Night Owl" Red Wine (19+/20 points), and the 2018 "Owl & Crown" Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (19.5/20 points).

Valdemar Estates is presenting wonderfully balanced 2019 French Creek Chardonnay 19.5/20 points), a powerful 2019 Seven Hills Malbec, with 5% Syrah (19.5/20 points) and a dynamic 2019 Blue Mountain Syrah (19.5/20 points). 

Canvasback will be showcasing the new 2019 Red Mountain Syrah from the Red Heaven Vineyard (19+/20 points), an elegant, Pinot-like Walla Walla Valley Syrah (19+/20 points), a 2018 "GSM" Red Mountain Red Wine (19+/20 points), and three Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignons from distinct terroirs: Longwinds Vineyard (19.5/20 points), Klipsun Vineyard (19.5/20 points) and Ciel du Cheval Vineyard (19.5/20 points).

Rôtie Cellars has five highly recommended reds: 2019 "Little g" Grenache from the Devil's Gate Vineyard near Maryhill (19.5/20 points), 2019 "Dre" Mourvèdre (19.5/20 points), the monumental 2019 "Big G" Estate Grenache (20/20 points) and two clonal Syrahs, the 2019 "Love Rocks" ENTAV Clone 470 (20/20 points) and 2019 ENTAV Tablas Creek Clone (20/20 points).

Da Ma Wines has two new 2018 red from highly respected Walla Walla Valleyvineyards: the Seven Hills Merlot (19/20 points) and Heather Hill Cabernet Sa=uvignon (19+/20 points).