For the past and next couple of weeks, I have been and will be visiting wineries in the Walla Walla Valley to get previews of their Fall releases. These wines will be reviewed in the October issue of the Review of Washington Wines. 

On the morning of Saturday, August 24, we attended the opening of JJ and Kelly Menozzi's new Aluvé tasting room and production facility on Mill Creek Road where we tasted a lovely 2018 Estate Chardonnay and 2017 Estate Red and Petit Verdot. On the way back, we stopped at àMaurice also on Mill Creek Road to taste the winery's 2018 Gamache and Estate Viogniers along with 2017 Boushey and 29016 Estate Syrahs. At Walla Walla Vintners, we tasted the 2017 Dwelley Dolcetto and 2016 Sagemoor Cabernet. In the afternoon, we went to the Armstrong Family tasting room on Main Street for the 2017 Viognier and 2016 reds. Then we headed south to Balboa where we previewed the 2016 Sangio, 2015 Caremenère, 2016 Summit View Grenache and 2014 Beresan Yellow Jacket Syrah.

Yesterday, September 3, I went to Vital Wines and Brook & Bull to pick up Ashley Trout's new releases: 2017 Vital Chardonnay and the Vital and Brook & Bull 2017 reds. They are mighty tasty wines. Today, I will go to Rôtie Cellars to taste the 2017 Little g Grenache, dre Mourvèdre and Homage Rhone style blend. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to visit Saviah Cellars for a preview of the Fall Releases. On Friday, I will visit Va Piano and Northstar and on Saturday, Castillo de Feliciana and Tertulia.

Watch for the October issue of the Review of Washington Wines which goes on line September 25.