The belief that Rosé wines are for Summer and should be drunk by Labor Day is widespread. Many wineries and retailers are having the 2022's on sale. But there are advocates who claim that Rosés can be drunk year around. My answer to both camps is yes and no. There is something to be said for drinking Rosés while they are fresh and lively, and in some cases, after some bottle age. Here's my rundown what to drink now and what can be consumed later.

Drink Now

Cabernet Franc Rosés - Most Cab Franc Rosés are lightly extracted with pale colors. Some age better than others, but usually are best in Summer. One exception is the 2022 Smoky Rose Cellars which is still vibrant.

Pinot Noir Rosés - This is a delicate grape and produces lighter Rosés to be drunk young.

Grenache Rosés - Most Provence Rosés are designed to be drunk on the Côtes d'Azure during vacances. The same for domestic versions, mostly Grenache based. 

2021 and Older Roses - Store shelves are stocked with numerous 2021's languishing waiting for buyers. If you have any, drink them up. 

Drink Now or Later

Sangiovese Rosés - The Sangiovese grape is a sturdy variety and the Rosés keep well. A couple of days ago, we had the 2022 Aluvé and it was drinking beautifully. It and other Washington versions can be drunk until the end of the year. The same for Tuscan ones.

Pinot Gris Rosés - Wines from this variety age well simply because they are made from white grapes that have been given extended hang time on the vines to produce sun-burnished copper-colored Rosés. One excellent example is Long Shadows' Julia's Daze, a crowd-pleaser. It was the favorite at Lynn's Rosé tasting a few weeks ago. Convergence Zone Cellar's Three Forks is also excellent. 

Tavel Rosés - The Rosés of Tavel, near Avignon in the South Rhone are generally Grenache based, with some Syrah and/or Mourvèdre, but more extracted than those from Provence, with deeper color and flavors. The one from Chateau d'Acquiera is outstanding. 

Mourvèdre and Syrah Rosé - Being fuller bodied varieties, these grapes produce sturdy roses that can age well. Bandol, from the east of Marseille, is an exceptional Mourvèdre based appellation. Washington Syrah Rosés can also be outstanding, including those of Canvasback, Mongata and Balboa.

Cabernet Sauvignon and/or Merlot Rossé - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are not commonly made into Rosés, but can be turned into a well-structured yet elegant ones. Kinhaven (Cabernet) and Northstar (Merlot/Cabenet) in the Walla Walla Valley produce excellent ones.