A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article in KEPRtv.com, "Rise in Walla Walla tourism brings new benefits for residents." The Tri-Cities tv station found that "Tourists are flooding to the wine and food in the city of Walla Walla, and not without their wallet. KEPR found out how a recent rise in tourism is benefiting local residents and what you can expect in the near future."

The article finds evidence of a transformation in Walla Walla wih 80 independently owned restautants in the town of 30,000, 120 million dollars in direct spending by tourists in 2014, and a doubling in lodging and sales tax revenues in the past ten years.

The Fat Duck Inn's Cynthia Koby is quoted as saying, "With the rise in tourism here we feel like we are almost grouind floor here: there's so much opportunity it's limitless." It's something she and Rich Koby never imagined when they opened in 2013.

There is further evidence of a surge in tourism in Alaska Airlines' increase in its flights to Seattle from two to three daily starting in March. "Then we can actually get back to Walla Walla the same day we leave California or something, that's pretty cool," stated one interviewee. So the historical town of Walla Walla is widening its appeal to tourists. And the town's wine industry will be a big beneficiary.